Hi, everyone!

My team here at Red Hat has completed the process of establishing a space for training at Operate First with courses built using Jupyter Book and instructions for creating and contributing:

* Repository space: https://github.com/operate-first/training
   * Documentation and training page at the newly redesigned website: https://www.operate-first.cloud/docs-training 

As part of this, we've published two new courses that were developed specifically for the Operate First community (operate-first.cloud):

* Introduction to Operate First: https://www.operate-first.cloud/training/operate_first_intro
* Open Source Basics: https://www.operate-first.cloud/training/open_source_basics

FROM HERE: Our team and others within Red Hat may be publishing additional courses over time into this space. Plus, any community member is welcome to fork the repository to start their own work. If you're trying to get started and need some help, I'm happy to help if I can from now through August 2022 as needed.



Stephanie Watson

she/her | Program Manager, PnT Experience, Red Hat