KubeCon Europe in Valencia, Spain is just three weeks away, 16 - 18 May. Our expanded presence for the Operate First project is in the works, and I want to share with you all the vision and moving parts 
for this KubeCon. This is my first time organizing multiple streams toward a KubeCon goal, so increasing transparency can only help. :)

In this email are the overview for the event, followed by the work all y'all are doing to help us make a great first impression to KubeCon attendees.

# Overview
After a soft-debut of our messaging and presence at KubeCon LA 2021, we are working on spreading our presence and relationships at KubeCon Europe in Valencia, Spain 16 - 18 May 2022. 

Below are some details of what workstreams are underway with changes to the website. I'd like to see as much as possible live by Monday 16 May. 

## Onsite presence
Several members of the Operate First project team are attending KubeCon for a range of activities:

Tom Coufal is presenting at the main KubeCon (Implementing Anti-patterns:  Kubernetes Cross-namespace Resource Ownership) and at the OpenShift Commons, where he'll give a lighting talk focused on that ecosystem.

In addition to attending and helping out at the OpenShift Commons, Marcel and I have an in-person deep-scheming session with folks from the OKD community around common interests. More to come in our report-out from that meeting.

We'll also be at the Red Hat booth, starting new discussions and advancing ones from KubeCon LA. For an Open Source project of our type, this is an important and excellent place for us to have a solid presence.

In addition, I see folks in our world such as members of SIG-SRE who are giving talks, so we'll do some work to make sure we're all aware of each other and have a common message about Operate First to share in your presentations and hallway discussions.

# Pre-event deliverables

I may be missing something overall or some details. What would you add?

Website updates
- The new working group has changes to rollout for the main menu, information architecture, and adding a new Getting Started page.
- We are looking to improve the message and call-to-action on the front page.

Getting Started page
- Welcomes the new user/contributor with curated content covering the range from "What is git? What is a hub?" to merging your first pull request. 

Blog -- we're looking to groups like SIG-SRE to get up the first set of greenfield articles.

User and Contributor Handbook
- The Contributor Experience Documentation WG has decided to rename the "Community Handbook" to the User and Contributor Handbook.
- The new name is intended to make clear its purpose of supporting all people in using, participating, and contributing to this project and community.
- Content will include process/how-to for blog writers, editors, and reviewers.
- The process for contributing to the handbook is documented and will be highlighted.
- A separate thread will be started about this, where your comments and bikeshed colors are welcome.

# Event week actions

Help Operate First be part of the Red Hat top-trending social media presence, instructions to come in a separate email.

That's all for now, much more to come. :)

- Karsten
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